One of the last games that I was able to check out this year at E3 was a little game called Semblance, and it was so much fun. I am a big fan of puzzle-platformers that come up with new an unique twists on the genre. The game has the tagline “The world’s first platformer” because of the main mechanic, which is actually forming the platforms in the game to suit your needs. Basically, everything in the world of Semblance is just a little bit fragile and goopy, and by slamming into a platform from any direction, you bend it. Most of the time, at least in the demo that I played, it’s either from the top or bottom of the platform, and the mechanic is used very cleverly.

For example, sometimes there are laser cannons built into the ground, and by slamming into the platform from below, you can angle the laser into a wall. This way, you can safely traverse past the laser to pick up a collectible or hidden item. It was extremely satisfying when I finally figured out how to fix a puzzle or bend it to my will after multiple tries and different approaches. The game feels extremely nice to control, the visuals are halfway between cute and dark/creepy. Basically, from the demo that I got to play, I have zero complaints, oh and the music was pretty awesome and ambient. The game will be coming to Steam as well as the Nintendo Switch, and it fits perfectly on the Switch.

I got to play both versions and they were both great, I can imagine killing serious time on plane rides or bus rides with this. I’m unsure exactly what the story is behind the game, because the demo that I played purposely left out any story elements. I’m really excited for this one, it gives me vibes of Loco Roco a little bit, I know that’s a weird reference but it does. This feels like one of those hidden gem games you’d find in the PSP library, but thank god it’s not and it’s actually coming to a system that people own! Check out some screenshots below and let us know what you think!

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