Sevarog Emerges As Paragon’s Newest Hero in Latest Trailer

Sevarog joins the roster as Paragon‘s newest addition to the team, and he’s already fitting in quite well.

Corruption and Growth (black and green) make up Sevarog’s affinities, leading to some pretty interesting combinations when it comes to deck-building. Players can find Sevarog gliding around the battlefield siphoning the souls of his victims — the more souls he collects, the more of a problem he becomes for his enemies. His abilities Phantom Rush and Subjugate can grant Sevarog a surprising amount of mobility and, even if outnumbered, his immense durability makes it difficult for him to be taken down.

Sevarog is just the beginning of additional content for Paragon as Epic Games is aiming to release a new hero every three weeks. If you haven’t already, now may be just the right time to look into grabbing yourself a Founder’s Pack.

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