Severed Slashes Towards Vita Release in New Trailer

When it comes to current video game systems, the PlayStation Vita is often the butt everyone’s jokes. The powerful handheld often seems as though it was led out to pasture by Sony and largely forgotten, due to a lack of compelling games and first-party support.

Severed, an upcoming game from Guacamelee developer DrinkBox Studio, makes a compelling argument for dusting off your Vita.

Featuring a gameplay system that heavily utilizes the Vita’s touchpad capabilities, Severed blends a vibrant art style with dungeon crawler sensibilities to create its dangerous tale of a one-armed warrior. With puzzles, deadly enemies, and a whole lot of swiping, Severed looks to provide the kind of experience that the Vita has been sorely lacking — one that’s imaginative and fun.

Severed is set to release on the PlayStation Vita April 26.


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