Shadow Of War’s Honest Trailer – Scathing and Praising

Shadow of War is one of those games that’s pretty good, but every time I think about it, I just see oceans of loot boxes. I like the game, and the combat, and the cool skills that you get to use, and the nemesis system is endlessly cool. It just has this gross, AAA game corporate slime all over it with the controversy over the DLC, and the loot box system that’s so lazily shoved in.

It would be one thing if it was something as basic as cosmetics, but if you don’t buy any loot boxes, you have to grind in this game a considerable amount, just to finish it. Imagine if, in the original Wind Waker, when it came to grinding to find the pieces of the Triforce (which, by the way, takes a while), you could just buy them instead. It would sure seem like that system was implemented to feed on people’s laziness, wouldn’t it? Granted, that game came out in a time before micro-transactions, so that wasn’t an option, but it sure as hell is now.

Check out the Honest Trailer above and let us know what your favorite and least favorite part of Shadow of War is!

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