As if the games coming out between now and late November were not enough to keep you busy, the latest update to the PlayStation 4 system is about to introduce some truly groundbreaking ideas. Among other exciting tidbits, by far the biggest addition to the console is Share Play.

For those who do not know, Share Play is the golden new element exclusive to Sony’s new console and allows players to stream their games to a friends console through an internet connection. What this means is that anyone who is on PlayStation Plus has the capabilities to show a friend their new game, no matter their location. This ability is not without its limits however, and gamers will have one hour of game time to play a friends console, but this can be instantly refreshed and reconnected.

Share Play is not just a chance to play a friends game for free however, its most exciting trait is that it grants local multiplayer games online capabilities. For the first time ever, local game will be able to be played online with no additional configuration required. Watch the walkthrough video for more on the awesome aspects of Share Play which launches October 28th.


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