Sheen Lantern is a Comic Book Movie Masterpiece

Ryan Reynold’s ‘Green Lantern’ will be making its way to theaters this Friday, but will it have the same allure as Charlie Sheen’s version of the green spandex clad ring wearer?  That’s right, Mr. Tigerblood himself, well a fantastic Sheen impersonator, put together a 2 minute version of the ‘Green Lantern’ trailer if it were starring the eccentric star rather than Reynolds.  I have to give the Take 180 YouTube channel credit for this little gem, which appears in their Electric Spoofaloo series.  The actor portraying Sheen does such a fine job of impersonating the Adonis gene having actor that you’ll believe its him if you don’t stare right at the actor spoofing Charlie.

The Sheen Lantern is Winning

I have to say that their portrayal of a Sheen inspired Green Lantern probably isn’t too far from how the actual Sheen would pull of the character.  Both Charlie Sheen fans, and Green Lantern fans alike will crack a few smiles while watching the spoof below.  I urge you to take 3 minutes of your day to watch the Charlie Sheen infused ‘Green Lantern’ trailer below.  You’ve been wondering where the Warlock has been…

Sheen Lantern Trailer 1



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