SHF Goku Takes On SHF Beerus In Epic Dragon Ball Stop Motion Short

The stop motion animation guru, counter656, has posted a new action figure fight video that Dragon Ball fans will surely appreciate. This stop motion masterpiece features Goku taking on Beerus, but not before he has to deal with some special guests from two other pop culture franchises. Both Iron Patriot and a Stormtrooper provide Goku with a warmup scuffle before the main event, which sees Goku taking on the shifty Beerus.

The action is amazing, especially when you consider that you’re watching plain Jane action figures come to life right before your eyes. The special effects help to sell the illusion too, but really these are just good old works of geek art with plenty of geek sweat mixed in.

You can check out the brawl above. It took one month to shoot and required 2500 images to complete. Now that is some stop motion animation dedication. Now I just need to figure out how to get my SH Figuarts figures to come alive and do battle in my man cave!


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