This past E3, I was able to take a look at a title that definitely took me by surprise, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Stepping into the Focus Home booth, I approached the controller with an open mind, and a basic understanding of what the project was all about. Being someone who’s always been overly fond of RPGs, I was excited to see what indie developers, Enigami had prepared.

Shiness, an action-RPG, initially captured my attention with its beautifully vibrant color palette. What kept my interest was how remarkably charming and quirky this title is, which is depicted in the gameplay as well as characters.

Enigami brings players to the enchanting world of Mahera; a planet in the midst of a power struggle. Shiness follows the story of the young Chado who seeks to resolve this dispute, with the help of the Shiness–a spirit only he can see.

The playable demo started players off at the very beginning of this adventure, where we find Chado’s crashed ship. While the character is in search of their friend, developers seemed to have put a focus on exploration; seeing that treasures and puzzles are hidden throughout the environment.

On paper, Shiness is categorized as an action-RPG. After playing through the demo, I’ve witnessed that this title successfully combines elements of Japanese RPGs, platformers, and progression puzzles. Delving deeper into the anatomy of the combat, players conduct a variety of moves: punch, kick, charge attack, dodge, and parry. With a play style extremely reminiscent to The Legend of Zelda and fighting games, Shiness keeps my interest with its uniqueness and diversity.  


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