‘Shipping Wars’ Puts an Interesting Twist on Reality TV

Even huge fans of the reality TV genre probably have a hard time keeping up with all the new shows available to watch. One of the most interesting new shows this year was “Shipping Wars” from A&E. The show is similar to other shows ending with “Wars”, but this one focuses on shippers who bid on and transport all kinds of crazy loads with their trucks.

The show follows five different shippers as they duke it out to see who can be the best in the business of shipping odd or unusual items. You get to see everything from movie props to livestock as it moves through the process. At first blush this might seem like an odd thing to make a TV show about, but when you watch the show it’s hard not to get pulled in by the drama.

The unusual items that are shipped often cause issues that have to be dealt with, such as the peacocks featured in one episode. The timeline for getting the job done was very short because the animals can only be in transit before long before risking their health. These kinds of situations will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen.

The shippers are also characters worth watching. Marc Springer is a former Harley dude with a moustache that could have a television show to itself. He has a big rig and goes after all kinds of huge items. Jennifer Brennan is a Texas girl who specializes in livestock. She was the one dealing with the tight deadline caused by the peacocks. Jarrett Joyce is the rookie out of the bunch and just started shipping before the show started. Joyce is trying to make professional golf a career, so the money he gets from the shipping goes into that. Roy Garber is an all-around shipper without a particular specialty, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t interesting to watch. It seems like Garber has done a little bit of everything in his life, and he brings that experience to bear on his loads. Last, you have the couple of the group with Scott & Suzanne Bawcom. This couple works with their son to make a seemingly unstoppable force when it comes to shipping.

Check out Shipping Wars to see who comes out on top!


Author’s bio: Ryan Franklin is a TV buff and expert on all kinds of shipping, including yacht shipping.


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