Should Mortal Kombat 9 Have Included One-Button Fatalities?

Is it just me, or do some of the rest of you gamers feel like the new Mortal Kombat should have included 1-button fatalities?  Don’t get me wrong, I love this game as is evident in my review, but I just feel like having to memorize hundreds of fatality button combos is too much to ask an old gamer to do.  I can’t help but wonder how much better this already awesome game would be if all we had to do at the end of the match was hit say, the “A” button and a joystick direction, to execute the more than satisfying finishers in this brutal game.

Maybe it’s just me and my lack of ability to remember every character’s moves, combos, and fatalities, but I just feel like it’d be a better experience to not have to worry about inputting the correct 4-5 button combinations within a short window at the end of each match.  I always find myself spazzing out once the “Finish Him!” text appears so brazenly on the screen that I usually end up f*cking up the fatality that I was intending to use.  I would like to just be able to enjoy my victory by hitting 1 button and a certain direction to execute the kill move, and not have to worry about standing in the proper location while also hitting various button and joystick combos all while praying that my fighter will finish off his opponent in fashion.  There’s nothing more disappointing than beating the sh*t out of your enemy only to flub the finisher by ending the fight with an inadvertent punch to the knee cap.

So who’s with me?  Anyone else think that 1-button fatalities would’ve been an awesome feature to have in Mortal Kombat 9.  Hell, I’d even be fine if it was an option you could toggle, because then the player would have the ability to decide on how he/she wants to pull of a fatality.  Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts using the comment section below.  You’ve been trying to pull of a finisher without having to consult the web every 5 minutes…


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