Showtime Introduces Apple Stand-alone App

Showtime has announced a new service will be available as a stand-alone app for Apple customers. This follows on the heels of HBO, and is just the next in line to make a move that recognizes the growing population of cord cutters. The app, entitled simply SHOWTIME, will cost $10.99 per month and grant the user access to all of Showtime’s original programming, new and old, as well as movies and sports documentaries like IVERSON (side note: I’m personally ashamed that I haven’t yet watched this documentary. I’m a terrible fan). Heck, you could even watch all four seasons of Dexter. That’s right, I said four seasons. There were only four seasons of Dexter, because the first four are the only four.

The app is available on all Apple products except the Watch (for now), and will become available early next month. Check out the video above for Showtime’s promotion of it’s new service, and if you’re on the fence, try out the free, 30-day subscription to see if it floats your boat.


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