Shrouded Spoils Update Available for ‘Sea of Thieves’

The latest in a long line of free updates for the hit title, Sea of Thieves is now available for all players. This update brings a ton of new content to the game, adding some content that came from players in the Sea of Thieves community. These free updates add to the promise of making Sea of Thieves an ever-growing Pirate world for players. You can check out the list of features and improvements below:

  • The addition of fog that can appear suddenly and cloak all manner of dangers at sea and on land.
  • New Merchant Alliance items to find including the explosive Mega-keg, Crate of Ancient Bone Dust and Mermaid Statue Gems.
  • More skeleton forts to take on as six new forts become active making nine in total.
  • Improved skeleton ships including the addition of a new skeleton sloop, a new ‘Battle of the Devil’s Roar’ skeleton ship skirmish and the addition of roaming skeleton ships who display varying levels of aggression.
  • New ways to express yourself including all-new ship customizations – cannons, wheels and capstans – and the time-limited ‘Wailing Barnacle’ ship and cosmetic set.
  • A range of new Pirate Legend Commendations for Athena Levels 1-10.
  • More frequent appearances from the Kraken (who’s also learned some new tricks), a range of new Megalodon variants to find and rewards and commendations for defeating these monsters.

As always you can play Sea of Thieves either on your Xbox One or Windows PC via the cross play functionality of the Microsoft systems. If you have never played Sea of Thieves check out what we thought about the game here!

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