Side by Side Comparison of Battlefield 3 Running on PC and PS3

Battlefield 3 has already earned the greatest looking PC game of all-time award just based on how amazing the tech demos have looked for this game running on a beefy rig.  Unfortunately for us console users we’ve yet to see what B3 will look like running on the PS3, or the Xbox 360.  Luckily, someone has thrown up a side by side comparison video on YouTube of the game running on a PC, as well as the PS3.  The graphical discrepancies are much larger than I anticipated, and I’m a little worried now about playing Battlefield 3 on my Xbox 360, which I’d imagine looks close the the PS3 version in this video.  It looks like the PC gamers will have the edge on us again my fellow console-ites.  Weak.  Check it out below for yourself and be prepared to be shocked.  You’ve been thinking the game would at least look comparable on consoles…

Battlefield 3 Comparison Test of PC and PS3 Versions 


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