Sift Through 45 Stills From the First Captain Marvel Movie Trailer

Earlier today the first ever Captain Marvel trailer released, and it was rather quite excellent. It offered a great preview of the film without giving away any concrete plot information thanks to its crafty edit. The trailer featured plenty of great shots, which we captured via 45 stills. The stills are of the trailer’s more important scenes, as well as those that just looked awesome as they played out. I do not believe any spoilers have been captured within them, but if you’re avoiding all things Captain Marvel, I’d shy away for now, because you never know what a more sleuthy eyed fan may pick up in them.

The image gallery below is not in chronological order based on when the stills played out in the trailer. With that being said you should still be able to piece together this movie’s plot, which won’t be a full on origin story, but looks to offer up flashbacks that will fill in the gaps for MCU fans on Captain Marvel’s backstory.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.


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