Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and Nurse Collectibles Look Amazing, Horrifying

He's friendly, right?
He's friendly, right?
He’s friendly, right?


Silent Hill has been known as the place you don’t want to find yourself in for years now. With it’s horrific monsters that are ripped from the deepest, darkest corners of twisted minds and horrific secrets, the town of Silent Hill isn’t exactly a place you want to vacation at.

Now, thanks to Toy Munkey, the monsters of Silent Hill can be yours to collect. The collectible figures of the Silent Hill franchise’s signature monsters, Pyramid Head and the Nurse, look breathtakingly grotesque. The level of detail put into the figurine brings the nightmare of the game to life right in front of you.

More information about Toy Munkey and their amazing work can be found at their site, and check out the preview images of Pyramid Head and Nurse in the gallery below.

Pyramid Head and Nurse Figure Gallery:
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