Sir, You Are Being Hunted’s Dev Takes an Understanding Stance on Piracy


It’s virtually impossible to talk about modern PC gaming without the inevitable cries of its supposed death and piracy issues being brought up. While the claim of PC gaming’s death seems more than ridiculous, spending more than a few moments looking at the industry does share some insight into just how potentially disastrous digital piracy can be. Developers fear their work being released to the masses for free – the thought of no money coming into their pockets keeping them up at night – and often actively speak out against pirates.

big-robot’s Jim Rossignol, developer on the indie title Sir, You Are Being Hunted, has taken a markedly different stance on the piracy issues than many of his peers. Rossignol recently showed up in the comment section of a torrent for the current alpha version of Sir, and instead of throwing insults and threatening legal action, Rassignol’s message was one of understanding.

“I would like to say that if you truly can’t afford the game and want to try it out – feel free to torrent it. Who knows better than me what it feels like to drag yourself out of bed to work a shitty job just so you can pay the rent, let alone afford and digital luxuries…”

Rossignol continues his comment, citing his experience and subsequent disinterest with gaming media as the source of inspiration to create games. His final words in the comment shed some light on the wild success of Sir, You Are Being Hunted’s alpha release, as well as Rossignol’s apparent brighter disposition.

“And guess what, based on the alpha sales figures so far, I think I’d be alright if a couple of guys still asking their mum for help with rent money torrented it.”

Whether sympathetic to pirates or vehemently against them, there is no denying that Rossignol’s stance of understanding and solidarity is significant. Digital piracy will more than likely always be an issues, but seeing a small developer who has gained somewhat overnight fame be so aware of the situation is a step in the right direction. Kudos, Jim, kudos.

The entire image of Rossignol’s comment can be found below.



After reaching out to Jim Rossignol via twitter in regards to the comment, in which he replied with the following:

It seems that we have been duped. The comment left on the torrent page was in fact not by Mr. Rossignol, but rather someone masquerading as him. Apologies for posting innacurate information are due to both Mr. Rossignol and our readers across the globe.

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