Six of the Most Overpowered Weapons in Video Game History

Video games, more often than not, can provide the player with something of a challenge. Strong enemies, tough level design or even difficult mechanics to master can make for a game that challenges the player enough to keep them coming back for more.

Not all games are created equal however, and plenty of video games throughout history have featured weapons that allow the player to absolutely annihilate anything in their path. These game-breakingly overpowered weapons are often a blast to use, but negate can negate any challenge that the player might have had to overcome. Below are six weapons that are some of the most overpowered in the history of video games.

6 – Emperor Sword (Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers)


The Shin Megami Tensei franchise has built up a considerable reputation for itself by releasing a handful of interesting and challenging games that punish the player continually. The demon fusing, god killing series is no stranger to difficulty curves and plenty of bosses within the SMT games have frustrated players enough turn the game off for good.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is generally considered one of the more forgiving entries in the SMT series, but it is still far from a simple walk in the park. However, relatively early into the game’s lengthy story, players gain access to a virtual Casino with equippable weapons and armor as prizes. One such prize in the casino is the Emperor Sword, an equippable weapon that is able to carry the player all the way through Soul Hackers’ endgame content. By simply doing some smart gambling, any player can go from getting punished by demons to absolutely demolishing anything in their path – all thanks to the Emperor Sword.

5 – AWP (Counter-Strike)


The AWP has been both feared and respected since Counter-Strike’s inception. The sniper rifle’s stopping power was such that a single shot to almost any part of an enemy’s body meant instant death.

With such unbridled power, the AWP quickly became a staple of competitive play in Counter-Strike, where users were able to not only drop enemies efficiently from a distance, but also get up close and personal by using the sniper rifle as an impromptu shotgun.

4 – Pistol (Halo)


Halo changed the way that people think about first person shooters. The game’s awesome setting, memorable characters and brilliant multiplayer quickly made Bungie’s first entry into the franchise a success. Despite touting an impressive arsenal of weaponry, Halo’s modest pistol will forever be remembered as one of the game’s best guns.

Traditionally, most FPS’ feature pistols that are nothing to write home about. Normally used as a last resort, pistols almost always take a back seat to bigger and more powerful guns. Halo’s pistol, however, is the exception. The tiny ‘firearm that can be fired with one hand’, is a veritable game changer. Deadly enough to drop most of Halo’s enemies in a few rounds and quick enough to dump bullets into anything that stood against the player, the pistol is one gun that should never be underestimated. If the pistol’s stopping power wasn’t enough, smart players could take advantage of the gun’s ability to quickly be used as a long distance sniper weapon that allowed them to reign in death from a distance.

3 – FarSight (Perfect Dark)


Perfect Dark’s FarSight XR-20 is the most powerful weapon in a game with tons of deadly guns. The FarSight has long been a favorite of Perfect Dark players for one simple reason – it can shoot through any wall at any time and kill any enemy with a single shot.

If that’s not overpowered, then I don’t know what is.

In addition to the FarSight’s wall-demolishing power, the gun also came equipped with a heat sensor that allowed the player to easily see where unsuspecting targets were located. The FarSight made players simply unstoppable.

2 – Crissaegrim (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is undoubtedly one of the most fun video games ever conceived. With a massive castle to explore, unforgettable enemies and a wide selection of weapons to choose from, Alucard’s journey to stop evil is one of gaming’s best.

Of all of the weapons in Alucard’s arsenal, the Crissaegrim is the most deadly. By equipping this blade, Alucard was able to demolish any evil being in his way. Thanks to the Crissaegrim’s ability to be swung while Alucard walked, his journey through Dracula’s castle was easily turned from a nightmare to a Sunday stroll.

To make the Crissaegrim even better, the weapon hit four times for every swing that connected – rendering any foe nothing more than a minute annoyance. With the Crissaegrim, Alucard became nothing short of unstoppable.

1 – BFG9000 (Doom)


As old as it is powerful, the BFG9000 is essentially the granddaddy of all overpowered weapons.  The gigantic weapon first appeared all the way back in 1993’s Doom and has been revered ever since. The BFG fires massive plasma emissions that explode into radioactive splash damage. A single shot from the BFG can down the biggest of foes and send any denizen of Hell back to where it came from.

To make the BFG even better, the radioactive explosions have no effect on the player, allowing them to clear rooms in peace as every monster around them meets its painful end.

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