Skylanders is one of Activision’s billion dollar series along with Call Of Duty and previously Guitar Hero.  Much like the other two games there is always a new Skylanders on the horizon waiting to claim your hard earned cash.

Skylanders Imaginators is here to give parents wallets a puncture just before Christmas with not only a new game but an entirely new set of toys needed to play it. This one also boasts the ability to create your own Skylander from a set of different heads, bodies, arms. ect.. and then order it from a website to be made into your own toy. This is both genius for giving kids their own custom made hero a physical manifestation, and evil because if I know kids they are gonna want to make several heroes.

So parents beware Skylanders Imaginators hits the shelves today so keep your kids out of the electronics section of any store when you go shopping or you are going to be spending a pretty penny on the new set.


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