Skyrim Kinect Hack Allows You to Fus Ro Dah in Real Life

A YouTube channel by the name of KinectFAAST has figured out a way to integrate the kinect with the PC version of Skyrim.  Using the FAAST technology they were able to implement both motion and voice controls into this non-kinect enabled game in a pretty workable manner.  Using this hack they’re able to fully control the Skyrim character with motion controls, which consists of some foot movements, as well as some slashing movements to mimic fighting with a blunt object.  They were also able to integrate voice commands to not only manage your character’s inventory, but to also issue Dragon shouts like a boss!

It’s a really well done hack that could lead to quite a bit of exercising if you choose to play your 100+ hour campaign using the FAAST technology.  For a demo of the Skyrim kinect hack in action please head down past the break.  You ca also read about how they pulled this hack off in the video’s description on YouTube.  You’ve been wanting to get your Dragon shout on…

Skyrim Kinect


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