Skyscrapers Will Fall: Battlefield 4 E3 Interview Part 2


The team at DICE is hard at work on Battlefield 4 and from everything we have seen so far, it looks like the military shooter is shaping up to be one of gaming’s biggest endeavors. EA’s Stephanie Prentice spoke with DICE’s General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson at E3 this month about the upcoming game and some of its new features.

Featuring fully destructible buildings (even skyscrapers!), fully functional metal detectors, and the new tablet integration for Commander Mode, it seems that Battlefield 4 will not only look amazing – it will also be one of the most innovative shooters of all time.

The video interview in its entirety can be found below.

Battlefield 4 | E3 2013 Interview Part Two: Levolution, Commander Mode and Battlelog | FTW June 2013:

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