‘Sleep Tight’ Announcement Trailer is Filled with Nostalgia Feels

Sleep Tight is an arcade-style twin-stick shooter set in a Pixar like world. You play as a group of kids who need to defend their room from the monsters that go bump in the night. This game was made from a AAA team of professionals. We Are Fuzzy are lead by Maxx Burman who was an art director and visual effects artist on projects like Far Cry 5, League of Legends, Westworld and Titanfall. There are artists from Disney that worked on titles such as Big Hero 6, Wreck It Ralph and Zootopia, which would explain the Pixar feel to the visuals. There is also an Ubisoft designer that worked on Far Cry and the Rainbow 6 franchises. You will spend the day building pillow forts preparing to defend against the hordes of monsters with dart guns, water guns and other unique, upgradable weapons. Sleep Tight will release on the Nintendo Switch and on Steam in 2018. Check out the trailer!

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