Sleep Tight Preview | PAX East 2018

Sleep Tight has got all of the charm of actually building pillow forts with your friends as a kid and it’s fun as hell to play, to boot. If you’ve never heard of it, well you better listen up, because this game kicks ass and I know I don’t speak for myself when I say it makes me want to buy a Switch. The game is also going to be available on Steam, but it fits perfectly on the mostly kid-friendly Nintendo Switch. That shouldn’t deter anyone from wanting to play it, though, I played five levels of it and had an absolute blast the whole time.

The skinny of it is that you pick one of four kids to play as and survive night after night of monsters trying to get you. It basically takes the scariness of what we thought was lurking in the dark as a kid while we were on bed and flips it on its head. Now you’re armed with foam dart guns and super soakers and you’re taking the fight right back to the freaky fellows. Every monster you bring down gives you currency to spend on various power-ups when the morning comes. You also get ten daily tokens to use buying certain weapons and installations (and the variety is pretty decent). You can use shotguns, SMGs, miniguns, super soakers, water balloon throwers, among other things, and even install sentry turrets to help get you through the night. You also have to spend the tokens on your ammo, and every weapon uses the one singular ammo type, but use different amounts of it.

Personally, the way that I handled it was by using the shotgun for mostly 1-hit kills, and slowly building a sentry turret army. Every day you build a turret and a wall or two until you’ve got three or four turrets in a fort with an opening just big enough for you to get out just in case. Then you start upgrading them until you basically don’t even have to fire anymore. Of course, I was assured that, since I only made it to the tenth level in the demo, there would be far harder enemies that would make short work of that tactic later on. The devs for this game were extremely charismatic about their game and an absolute pleasure to talk to. These guys were making pillow forts as kids and always wanted to make a videogame about it because honestly, it’d always sounded like a cool idea. Now they have the time and ability to do it and it definitely shows that they were passionate about it.

This game fits perfectly for both casual and hardcore gamers and is sure to please anyone that plays it. It’s awesome and these guys totally deserve the success that they’re striving for!

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