Sleeping Dogs – Now, this is one game that has been through a lot of trials and tribulations prior to its release. A game, which was supposed to be released as ‘True Crime: Hong Kong’, was changed and released as Sleeping Dogs. And, it’s not only the game title that has changed; the game was actually supposed to be released by Activision, but it switched hands to Square Enix. Nevertheless, the game is finally out and is exciting to the core. How? Check out a few reasons below:

The Plot

Primarily, the game is an open-world-free-roaming action escapade with a strong storyline. Set amongst the backdrops of a modern day Hong Kong, the story revolves around a San Francisco based undercover agent Wei Shen.  Shen is sent to Hong Kong to search and sabotage an underground Mafia gang who have been a threat to the city for a very long time. Shen has to infiltrate into the gang, pretend to be a gangster himself, and then take down the gang at the right time.

Shen meet Hong Kong

The cinema-style storyline also brings out the struggles of Shen, and how he manages the pressure. The subplots of the game include, the missions allocated by the gang and Shen’s primary mission to take down his enemies. Can peace be restored? Will Shen accomplish the mission at hand? To be honest though you’ll enjoy the plot.  The game is rock-solid on the storyline front, and has a strong script.

The Game play

This game promises a solid 20- 22 hours of a non-stop-exhilarating-edge-of-the-seat experience! It offers a third person view of Shen and gives you complete freedom of movement within the city, however, some parts of the city can only be accessed as the game progresses. One of the major advantages of the game is its combat style. There are guns and weapons that you can choose to use in this game, but it is the free-style martial art combat technique that you will enjoy the most. Partially resembling ‘Arkham Asylum’ fighting techniques, this game will allow you to perform high octane punches and kicks that can be combined to deliver some powerful melee attacks. There is also the stealth attack technique, in which you can take cover behind a source and attack anonymously.

Guns are for pussies

Similar to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the player can walk, run, swim, and perform every human motion. Taking vehicles for a ride around the city is also just as fun in this game. There is a range of vehicles to choose from like motorbikes, cars, boats, and much more. Remember Total Overdose? This game even allows you to jump off from a moving vehicle to blow up some approaching materials!

This is one way to thin out traffic

Apart from these pros, there is one great feature in this game which I call the scoring system. The game allows you to earn experience points from three different aspects. Let’s look at how:


Your experience points on the cop meter rise steadily when you perform wisely the duties of a cop that include taking care of the city’s property and innocents, as well as how well you carry out the game’s primary mission, which is taking down the gang.


This is the exact opposite of the cop mode. You are forced to play the evil side of the character which he doesn’t possess. This mode tests the brutality of Shen, as he carries out the objectives and missions allotted to him by the Mafia gang.


I guess this is one of the most offbeat scoring systems ever; it’s all about what the in-game citizen feel about you! Do good deeds to the people and witness the bar rising gradually!

The other notable features of Sleeping Dogs include the character’s voice-over and the background tunes. The Chinese music that runs in the background sustains the feeling of being in China throughout, and even after you quit the game.

However, like in any other game, Sleeping Dogs has some minor flaws (I hate to mention this, specifically when a game is so-damn good). These include the camera angles that constantly tend to reposition itself to the center while in combat and driving. The other con being the lack of multiplayer options. The only multiplayer feature available is that you can check if you’re on top of the leaderboard based on your scores.

To sum things up this is a great game that is sure to provide some amazing action and fun. A big thumbs up to Square Enix for putting this title out!

Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer [HD]


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