Slingshot Around Stars: Firebrand Games Announces Solar Flux HD

Solar Flux 3

Floridian indie developer, Firebrand Games, is asking gamers to turn their eyes to the skies with their current project Solar Flux HD.

Solar Flux HD transports players to the year 2107 in a year where the entire universe has begun to decay. The only hope for survival is through reviving dying stars and delivering much-needed plasma to fading suns in order to restore order.

Doing so will be no easy task however, as saving the stars and universe revolves around solving challenging puzzles. On their journey through the cosmos players will have to master the laws of space physics – gravitational orbits, riding solar flares and utilizing planetary shadows are all necessary feats to master.

Puzzles are certainly not the only challenges that await players in the skies above. Asteroids fields, unbelievably hot suns and even black holes are prevalent in Solar Flux HD and even veteran space explorers need to be wary of their potential destruction.

The universe in Solar Flux HD will be every bit expansive as it is awe-inspiring. The game’s 80 missions play out across four huge galaxies, each presented in gorgeous full HD, retina display, 3D.

Firebrand Games has announced that Solar Flux HD will be released on the iPad later this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for the game, the universe will need your puzzle-solving know-how.

The announcement trailer for Solar Flux HD can be found below.

Solar Flux for iPad Announce Trailer:

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