Slip on Your Dueling Gloves for The Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel Update

With Halloween rearing its head, the season of holiday game releases and updates is upon us. Come October 18, The Elder Scrolls Online will receive one of its biggest updates: One Tamriel. 

Oh, and it’s completely free!

As long as you own a copy of ESO, this update will be available to you at no extra charge. The holidays are definitely bringing about a new aesthetic for the game’s world, but there’s much more to this update than meets the multifaceted eye. Dueling is being introduced along with a slew of new ultimate weapon abilities, Craglorn is getting revamped, and so much more. Check out the trailer above to see what’s in store for the MMO. If it’s enough to get your mouth watering, consider looking into the update a bit deeper.

For those still unfamiliar with ESO‘s world, Bethesda recently released The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition that includes a whopping four DLC packs with the original game. Quite a steal, especially with free updates like this one just around the corner.


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