What is SMASH+GRAB you might ask? Well it is everything you could possibly think it is just from the title of the game. I’ve had friends that have asked about it and have even asked if it was like the Payday series, and to that I say, nay.

SMASH+GRAB is loads of fun and is unique in its own realm. The game is an online, competitive loot’n’shoot type of game. In the current build there are two different game modes that you can play which are Ransack and Takeback. Ransack has the players going around smashing up stores and looting money from them, and the first person to $50,000 wins. Take back is a sort of capture the flag type of game, whereas crates with $10,000 each appear and the first team to reach $50,000 wins, just like in Ransack.

The teams are split up into three different groups of leaders and their teams. Each player controls one leader, who is unique in that they have either a ranged weapon, a heavy weapon or a quick weapon. Each leader also has different abilities that do different things like the quick Etch who throws molotov cocktails or Ten Blades who can dash around and make quick strikes against her opponent. There is enough diversity among the different leaders to make each match a little different each time. There is a simple rock, paper, scissors type fighting weakness system in the game. There is strike, guard and grab, where strike beats grab, guard beats strike and grab beats guard. Timing a guard right can also counter a strike.

Every player also has a lieutenant and three regular foot soldiers that can be chosen to do different tasks. The team composition feeling was right and it never really felt like a one sided match either way. All of the leader weapons are able to be upgraded via stealing from the stores and getting resources like gems and chemicals from certain stores. For example, there is a shovel that can either be upgraded to do bleed damage, or to do more damage to the stores. Ultimately the game is about getting into these stores and stealing all the sweet money.

Leaders and lieutenants can be visually customized by leveling each leader and lieutenant up. On top of each of their levels, you can level your account up as well, which will net you more vanity items. You can also unlock perks for the leaders which seemed to be unique per leader. The perks become unlocked the more you play and level up each leader. Every set amount of time in Ransack mode (which is what seemed like the more popular mode) the next level of stores opened up. By level three, the biggest stores open up and are guarded by security, some pretty tough security at that. Getting into these stores can mean winning or losing the game. I will tell you I’ve lost games by a $0-$100 margin just from opening up these stores. Each match only lasted about 15-20 minutes, nothing too gruesome.

You can grab (no pun intended), SMASH+GRAB for $19.99 generally off of the Steam online store. SMASH+GRAB will definitely see more play from myself and I think that a lot of shooter fans will get a kick out of it. Go and check out SMASH+GRAB now!


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Preview statement: The copy of the game was given to the author by the publisher for the sake of the preview.

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