SMITE is a new MOBA that’s been gaining popularity lately on the PC scene, and I wasn’t exactly sure why considering that it pretty much looked like Wildstar but with mythological characters. My experience with the closed beta for the game is that these games just keep getting better and better. I’ve only played MOBAs a little bit, League, DOTA 2, etc., and SMITE is the one that I’ve had the most fun with. It could just be that I prefer the mythological characters more than the ones found in League – every character feels really badass to play – from Thor to Ymir to Medusa, everyone has really cool unique skill set and it’s fun to try out all of them.

Of course, that’s only in training mode, which allows you to pick anyone, although you can choose to buy more characters with real money, or earn points that you can use to buy them, which is a system I’ve never been a fan of. There are five free gods every week, they cycle through them, giving you a taste of each one (eventually) so that maybe you can find one that you really like. If you’re not a fan of micro transactions, this game, along with every other MOBA, probably makes you cringe, but honestly, if you can look past it and deal with having to earn characters (slowly), SMITE is a really good addition to the genre.

There are a few game modes in SMITE, I spent a lot of time in the game’s Deathmatch mode, which, as it sounds, is just duking it out against another team of five gods, and whichever team hits zero points first, loses. It’s pretty basic stuff, really, nothing super new that you haven’t seen before, just the same stuff with a mythological twist on everything. Every character that I got to play as was pretty fun, every character seemed even, some were more about assisting than straight up attacking, or buffing themselves and teammates. Some gods were good at dolling out AoE damage while others were made to target one player and kill them quickly before making a getaway, so there’s lots of different play styles for players to choose from, which is nice to see!

If you’re thinking of trying out a MOBA, you should definitely check out SMITE, it’s fun, it’s fast-paced, and it teaches you as you play, so nobody starts off unaware or lost.

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