Smites Force Of Nature Update Is Full Of Earthly Delight

Smite as you may or may not know is one of my favorite multiplayer games. I even reviewed the PlayStation 4 port and you can read that here. Meet Terra goddess of the earth and before you ask yes that is why we sometimes refer to the planet as Terra. ( We really like to teach here at EB) She has a unique skill set which you can see displayed in the above video, she has also one of the largest character models in the game. It will come as a surprise to no one that she is a guardian role aka the tank. I really love the design and get a very maternal warrior which is perfect considering she is mother earth. The update also includes new skins one of which makes Chang’e a Disney inspired princess,with her adorable rabbit carrying a wedding ring.Chang'e_Enchanted_Card

Hopefully Hou Yi gets a prince charming outfit to match. Before I get side tracked with wishful thinking for future skins there is one more big thing coming in this update. The great games which is the new arena map based on the Olympic games. This update is now live and I hope to see you all in the arena, on a side note if we are going to get anymore Disney skins a Jafar inspired skin for Hades would be great.


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