Smosh Games, the internet’s number one purveyor of video game humor, has struck comedy gold once more in their newest ‘Honest Trailer’, this time taking on the blocky world of the insanely popular Minecraft.

In the Minecraft Honest Trailer, the Smosh Games gang, addresses the innovation of Notch’s creation – as long as the you don’t compare it to playing with LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, or playing outside. The retro-inspired visuals of Minecraft, as well as the game’s watered-down console versions are examined in the video, poking fun at just about every aspect of the world’s most popular video game.

As the video progresses, the different game modes featured in Minecraft are detailed, giving players insight into Survival and Hardcore mode, letting players know what they are really getting into when the delve into Minecraft.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an honest trailer, if Smosh Games didn’t shed some light into Minecraft’s suspect crafting system. The ability to build just about anything from simple blocks is discussed at length in an ever-funny way as only Smosh can do.

After checking out the Minecraft Honest Trailer, be sure to head to the Smosh Games YouTube channel for even more great content.


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