Smosh Presents: Super Mario Maker (Honest Game Trailers)

Nintendo’s most recent iteration of its iconic Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Maker, has garnered more than enough popularity to become the newest target for Smosh’s Honest Game Trailers web series.

Mario’s fame exacerbates the burns Smosh has laid out on the table as they label Super Mario Maker Nintendo’s cash cow. The Wii U’s inconvenient online platform and an online horde of horribly designed levels make it easy for Smosh to extract humor from the game’s lower quality aspects, but the lighthearted nitpicking prevents viewers from taking it too seriously.

Good can always be found in the bad, however, and Smosh does well to pepper the insults with inadvertent compliments. They mention the game’s ability to teach game and level design, but it’s certainly not a requirement that creators grasp these concepts.

Super Mario Maker may be completely out of the Super Mario canon, but at least it has the fly swatting minigame from Super Mario Paint. If you need a good laugh, check out the trailer above.

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