SMS Text On the iPad: Only if You Jailbreak It and Are a Super Geek

It fascinates me to what lengths geeks will go to when they’re intrigued with a new toy.  It seems one such geek has figured out a way to send SMS text messages from an iPad after jail-breaking it.  Jail-breaking a device basically means hacking through the proprietary software and making changes to the way it behaves.

All Apple products use proprietary software, so if you ever want to mess with the source code you have to jail-break them, unlike an open-source OS such as the Android.  Like I mentioned in the title, even if you’re smart enough to jail-break the iPad, you’d still have to be a mega-geek to send a text from it.

It’s all done via the command line, which is dork for, “you’ll never figure this shit out because you can’t point and click on stuff.”  If your up for some old school DOS commands, and really want to send text messages from your iPad, check out the vid below for a glimpse at what it looks like.


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Via [Gizmodo by way of YouTube]


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