From the people behind Sonic, Little Big Planet 3, and more, I present to you: Snake Pass! Join in on the slithery physics platformer brought to us by Sumo Digital.

When a dark mysterious intruder threatens the tranquility of their home, Noodle the snake and Doodle the hummingbird embark on a daring journey to save it. Players must become one with Noodle as they slither, curl and climb their way through fifteen levels across four challenging worlds (water, fire, air, and earth realms). As a team, Noodle and Doodle must collect three key stones every level in order to move onto the next increasingly challenging level.

While creating Snake Pass, Sumo Digital wanted to separate themselves from other developers. They were trying to become more independent, and I’d say they did a really great job.

Snake Pass was an absolute blast. It was so bright and colorful–it caught my eye instantly. I enjoyed the unique-ness and creative elements of this game. It’s a bit difficult at first to understand the slithery physics of Noodle, but you eventually learn. They made his movements just like a snake, and it’s so interesting to learn how to play this way. For example, in order to keep moving, you must keep Noodle slithering back and forth. If you ever try to make him just go straight forward, he doesn’t move. This animation and physics are just so unique, and that’s the end of my rant!

Snake Pass will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on March 28th.

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