Today we get a sneak peek at the Terminator: Genisys trailer, which will be officially launched tomorrow, but why wait? MovieClips uploaded this quick look to their YouTube page, and we get a look at Arnold’s return to the series. Want to feel old? The original Terminator was released thirty years ago.

Along with Schwarzenegger (I can spell that without looking it up now), the film stars Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones and the future Mrs. Hershey) as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney (Divergent) as Kyle Reese, and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, no relation to the future Mrs. Hershey) as John Connor. It’s directed by Alan Taylor, and written by Team James Cameron. The film is set to be released on July 1, 2015.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when the official trailer goes live.

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