Set for an early February release, Dead Space 3 has started to create a lot of buzz already. While the first two installments helped in creating a sound fan base, the latest one is all set to take players into the depths of despair. Coming back from there is left up to you.

Basic Plot:

The sub-zero planet Tau Volantis is where all the action takes place. A co-op mission that involves two protagonists: Isaac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver. Their job is to get rid of the Necromorph once and for all. In a nutshell, that sums up the game. But don’t for a moment think that you’ve got it all figured out.

DS3 will take you on a hellish ride through Tau Volantis as you battle monsters that have too many arms and too many ways to devour you. Cooperation is what you need and the will to survive till the end of your mission.

YOU Design Your Weapons:

If you’re playing as Isaac Clarke individually or with a friend (as John Carver), you need to get those grey cells working again. After crash landing on the frozen Tau Volantis, you will have to find the source of the Necromorph outbreak. The wilderness is all out to make a meal of you and if you manage to ride that, the steep ice climbs and sudden avalanches will have you scrambling for cover.

Engineering weapons is an important part of the Dead Space 3 gameplay. Start scavenging for important parts and raw materials as soon as you can. Fashioning them into weapons and other tools is what Isaac does best. Make sure you get down to that before you get torn limb by limb.

Dead Space 3 and the Kinect:

The action adventure title is an out of the world experience if you’re using the Kinect. Shouting for help or requesting medi-kits are some of the voice commands that will come in handy when you’re surrounded by bloodthirsty creatures.

Another brilliant addition is the profanity-driven commands. That means there will be particular swear words that you will need to use in specific situations. Simply hauling a volley of abuse at your screen will not help your cause. The Kinect voice capabilities are used to the utmost with Dead Space 3.

If you think Slender was the top game of the year, Dead Space 3 might just change your mind. Use the Kinect to good effect, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Pre-order bonuses:

Let’s get down to business. Pre-ordering games like Dead Space 3 always come with a few nifty additions thrown in. Bound to attract most of the Dead Space fans and new followers, here’s what you get if you book your copy from two of the most popular retailers.

Amazon: With a name like the Tesla Enervator, you are bound to get something that is futuristic and deadly to handle. The gun causes instant death with a precision blast that electrocutes the victim and destabilizes all the molecules in its body. The perfect addition to your arsenal but only if you pre-order from Amazon.

GameStop: For those pre-ordering from GameStop, EA throws in the EG-900 SMG. Deadly things come in small packages, and this EarthGov-issued sub-machine is built to cause maximum damage. Thanks to the internal hyper-accelerator.

It’s tough to decide whether Dead Space 3 is a ‘survival horror’ or an ‘action adventure’ title. The former can be a little misleading because there is no guarantee that Isaac Clarke and his partner will make it out of Tau Volantis alive. Brace yourself for a nerve-wracking journey.


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