Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay Video Teases Hitler Mission

While the release date may be a decent ways away, developers aren’t holding back when building up the hype for Sniper Elite 4. The first gameplay trailer has just been released, and showcases the different kill cams, takedowns, and stealth abilities. But if you watch until the very end, you can also see a teaser for the Target Führer mission.

The Target Führer mission is a pre-order incentive, and players will be rewarded by..well, being able to kill one of the world’s biggest threats: Hitler. Those who pre-order will also get their hands on some camo rifle skin packs.

The Hitler-killing mission is set in a corner of the Mediterranean, where a Nazi U-boat threatens your allies.

“With many millions of views on YouTube and countless gameplay hours logged, the series’ renowned Hitler-assassinating bonus missions have been a fan-pleasing tradition since Sniper Elite V2.

In Target Führer, players will once again set their sights on history’s most notorious tyrant, in a forgotten corner of the Mediterranean where a secret Nazi U-boat facility threatens Allied shipping. When agent Karl Fairburne attempts to assassinate the base’s commander, he finds his target already dead, executed in person by a shadowy visitor.

Karl’s mission has changed: Target Führer!

Players must destroy the imposing U-boat base and take down Hitler in as many ways as they can in this replayable campaign mission for 1-2 players.”


Sniper Elite 4 is set to release on February 14, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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