‘Sniper Elite 4’ Storms Italy in Official Teaser Trailer

Sniper Elite 4 is definitely coming in 2016, it’s just a matter of when. Developer Rebellion teases the game’s vague release window in front of fans, but they’ve supplied a healthy dose of cinematic beauty in the official teaser trailer to make up for it.

Karl Fairburne, covert agent and elite marksman, is fighting for Italy’s freedom amidst the chaos of World War II. Mediterranean coastal towns, intimidatingly dark forests, immensely large Nazi structures, and many more environments await Fairburne’s journey, providing a breadth of fatal environments for players to enjoy. If Fairburne’s mission is a failure, however, there will be no Operation Overload; no D-Day landings. Victory in Europe will be unattainable, and that cannot happen.

Sniper Elite 4 will be made available for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2016 (sometime). Head over to their website for a chance to win your own copy at launch!

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