SNK is synonymous with arcade and console classics from the 80’s and 90’s, no one can deny that. Their 40th anniversary collection is full of what they were truly good at, shoot em ups, run n gun games, sports games, and… whatever they were making in the 70’s. The collection is an absolute must-have for anyone that’s a fan of arcade classics, as there is a lot of fun to be had here.

All of the shoot em ups in the collection are just a blast to play through, they’re great blends of difficult and rewarding. The best ports are all here too, which, for the most part I believe, are the Arcade ports. There’s plenty of artwork and music within the game for just about every game they made, however, and that’s something to behold. It’s almost like a little mini museum for SNK games!

Some of the games, I will say, don’t translate well to a console port, like Beast Busters for example. This would have been a light gun game in the arcade, and rather than being able to freely move the cursor around the screen, it snaps back to the middle. Trying to hit literally anything accurately in that game is nearly impossible, though I’m sure it would be fine with a mouse.

Pretty much everything else I played seemed just fine though, played exactly as they should, and didn’t notice many other games that didn’t translate well to console. I find it hard to put a score on this collection because these games are so old. Regardless, it’s a good collection, fans of SNK will get a kick out of it, as will anyone looking for old-school arcade games. It’s a little piece of gaming history wrapped up in a nice little bow.

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