So Having the Droid Incredible Has Turned Me Into A Phone Zombie

I’m on day 4 of having my HTC Droid Incredible, and I now find myself fully consumed with it.  I’m talking staying up until 4AM waking up at 10AM and laying in bed until Noon playing with it on the charger type of consumed.  %90 of this behavior is a direct result of my gadget OCD.  If things aren’t perfect, or if I don’t know a device inside and out, my mind will not be at ease.

I’m still finding the most difficult thing to deal with is what type of icon layout I want on my 7 screens.  Great problem to have right!?  I’m also stuck on not having too many apps running in memory, so I constantly monitor sh*t that most normal people wouldn’t even think about.  I’m stressed out over what weather app to use, if I should replace the default SMS client, and how to extend battery life.  It really is quite disturbing how much I worry about this stuff, and how I can just zone out and stare at a phone for hours on end.

Eventually, with all new toys I get over the OCD and just enjoy it, but I feel far from that moment of solace right now.  I don’t even feel like Buddhaing because all I want to do is make sure I have the best apps running on my f*ing Droid!  AHHHHHHHHHH!  I guess things could be worse.  I could have AIDS, or be a Pelican who mistakenly landed in the Gulf of Mexico.  Such is life for a gadget-phile!  You’ve been warned, Droids are bad for your health…

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