So, I Won’t Be Playing Grand Theft Auto V Tomorrow

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It is pretty rare that I feel like an outsider when it comes to the various happenings in the video game world. Since an early age, I have been hooked on games – the fantasy worlds I explored have become deeply engrained in my soul – and it is a lifelong obsession in which I pride myself on. Ever since that fateful day when I was given a hand-me-down NES, video games have been the one constant in my life. I’ve followed the news, played as many games as humanly possible, and pre-ordered all of the big titles.

I’ve been part of the video gaming ‘in’ crowd since I was a child. That is, until now.

I won’t be lining up outside of my local game store, anxiously waiting for the midnight release of Grand Theft Auto V. Nor will I wake up tomorrow morning, eager as a child, and run out to the store, only to drive home with the reckless abandon I so often display while playing any of the previous GTA games. No, for better or worse, I won’t be playing Grand Theft Auto V tomorrow.


It’s not that I simply can’t play the game tomorrow. I could afford it, there’s been a hundred different times where I thought about pre-ordering it, in fact. I just simply haven’t bothered.

The feeling of being left out when it comes to video games is a new one to me. Today, as the GTAV reviews start to appear from various industry corners, and Twitter is abuzz with opinions and comments on what is arguably the most anticpated game of all time, I can’t help but question if there is something wrong with me. It isn’t that I am not excited for the game, GTAV has had me giddy to roam about Los Santos once more since the game’s initial announcement even.

Knowing that you won’t be playing the year’s hottest game – on the day most every other self-respecting gamer is, nonetheless – is a strange feeling. The risks involved are apparent; spoilers and the like will become a fact of life for me. I will have to sit and wait, tin foil hat on my head and internet connection turned off, until Grand Theft Auto V finds itself safely in my PlayStation 3.


I don’t know when I will get around to buying GTAV, but at this point, I think it is safe to say it might be a while. My backlog of games has been calling out to me for quite some time now. Perhaps after well over a decade of being in the ‘in’ crowd, it is time for me to take a step or two back – and enjoy the numerous games that might have slipped past my attention otherwise.

To the legions who cannot wait to hold their copy of Grand Theft Auto V in their hands, I salute you. May the game be everything that you hope it to be. I, will be playing games tomorrow as well, just not that one. Don’t worry, I will get around to it, I promise. It is my duty as a video game fanatic, after all. Perhaps I will even write about the game once I am finished it. Until then, enjoy the biggest game release in recent memory – just try not to spoil anything for me.

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