Solar Death Ray for the Common Man

Do you remember the times when a regular guy or gal couldn’t have their own Solar Death Ray just like they couldn’t afford their own aircraft carrier?  I do, and it was a rough time to be alive.  Just like it’s our right to bear arms we all should be able to bear Solar Death Rays as well.  One go-getter by the name of Eric Jacqmain has done just this by creating his own portable Solar Death Ray made out of 5800 small mirrors.  What do all those mirrors achieve you may ask?  How about the same heat intensity of 5000 Suns!  Can I get a, “He’s on fire!”?

This Master of the Sun showcases the raw power that he has achieved with his Death Ray through various burn tests performed on a range of materials.  With a curiously serene tune playing in the background this extreme pyro burns the living sh*t out of some objects ranging from 2×4’s to stones.  At first glance you may look at this thing and brush it off as a hokey science fair project, but once he starts putting the Solar Death Ray to work you begin to see the magnitude of power that this weapon exudes.  It’s something to marvel at, but probably not the best piece of lawn art to display at your home.  Can you imagine if the neighbor’s dog happened to wander into your yard where the Solar Death Ray is focused?  Talk about some hot dogs!

Why haven’t we used this on a Military scale?  Think about all of the saved ammunition if you could mount these on tanks and literally melt your opposition in their tracks!  “America, f*ck yeah! Coming to save the mother f*ckin day, Yeah!”  I mean who would want to mess with a country that has mastered the art of Solar Death Ray warfare?  Check out this thing’s abilities to melt pretty much any substance we had to throw at it, or at least what you can find in a backyard.  You’ve been thinking that this is the coolest do-it-yourself project you’ve ever seen…


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