Soldier 76 Sucks At Tech In This Well Done Overwatch Cartoon Parody

The mashed YouTube channel has put together a pretty well done Overwatch cartoon, and it portrays Solider 76 as a tech idiot. While on a mission Tracer and the team get into a bit of trouble, but when they call back to the base for help they’re stuck with Solider 76 on the controls and not D.Va. She’s too busy Zerg-rushing the shit out of someone in Starcraft, so Tracer is left to deal with Soldier 76, who let’s just say probably couldn’t operate an Etch-A-Sketch.

The animation is really well done, and the writing is pretty cheeky. There are plenty of references to the game and its characters that fans will pick up on and appreciate, as well as digs at other titles that live in the same genre as Overwatch. It’s just a good little gaming cartoon, so head on up above to see how the follies unfold.


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