‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer 2 Breakdown and Things You May Have Missed: Plot Speculations Edition

A new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story was released over the weekend (and a new poster), so naturally we had to break down all of the new shots featured in it to offer up a bit of plot speculation based on what was shown. There is a ton of new content in this trailer, and all of it helped to shape the movie’s overarching plot better than what the two teasers did previously. You can check out the video above for the full breakdown of the trailer, but if you just care to know how I think the plot play out, you can check out my official ploy speculation synopsis below.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Plot Speculations

After this trailer I believe the main story beats in Solo will begin with young Han prior to him joining the Imperial Academy, as well as focusing on his short stint with the Academy. From there I think the next beat will focus on him befriending Chewie at some sort of labor camp on Mimban.

After that the story will shift towards the two of them trying to make names for themselves as Han tries to better his situation by becoming a smuggler apprentice under Tobias Beckett. They will have to pull off a heist (more than likely the train scene on Vandor) to prove their worth first, but after that Beckett will fold them into his crew and offer up the Dryden Vos job.

From here the main crew will be formed, which will reunite Han with Qi’ra, and based on her recommendation they will then team up with Lando to use his ship for the heist, which just so happens to be the Millennium Falcon. I do think we will also see Han win the Falcon, but I’m having a hard time figure out at which point in the film he will, but I’m thinking it’ll be towards the end. The final beat will feature the Vos job heist, and of course all of the inevitable betrayals and deaths that will encompass it. I can guarantee that Beckett will die saving Han, and that Qi’ra will betray him before it’s all said and done.

The end!


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