‘Solo’s’ Speeder Chase Gets Reimagined as an Anime Short

Star Wars Nation was finally treated to two trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story last week, and as expected the fan base has responded — mostly positively — with a few of the typical Internet trolls poo-pooing it from the get go. Like other Star Wars properties it has also inspired artists to create their own works of art based on what was shown for Solo. Yesterday we posted a great art piece by Stephen Byrne that depicts young Lando, and now today we have a video from Daz Tibbles, which reimagines the speeder chase scene from the teaser as an anime short.

First off, I have to say that it’s a shame that Daz Tibbles has less than 200 subs on YouTube, because this guy’s work should cost money to consume. I can’t believe he doesn’t officially work for Lucasfilm for Disney yet, because the guy’s animated projects are insanely awesome, and feature an art style that I know Star Wars Nation would eat up. His style definitely leans towards Japanese anime, but he also channels Ralph McQuarrie’s concepts, which results in a very pleasing look for his animated shorts.

Above you will find his Solo tribute, which only took him four days. That’s insane by the way, but just goes to show how talented this artist truly is. I’m also including his 2017 highlight reel to show you more of what he can do with the world of Star Wars that we all love. You can see some of his WIP and BTS shots on Instagram.

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