Some Adoptees are Upset with Thor and ‘The Avengers’ Movie

[SPOILERS] Sometimes freedom of speech isn’t a good thing.  This is especially the case with a new boycott of The Avengers film by Jamie Berke on  She’s calling for the scene where Thor is defending Loki to the other Avengers before they inform him of Loki’s recent evil deeds to be edited.  After finding out that his bro just waxed 80 people Thor claims that he’s adopted in what I saw as a funny line.  For some reason people like Berke saw the line as an attack on adopted citizens.  In her statement she claims:

“In your new movie, The Avengers, the character Black Widow says “He (Loki) killed 80 people in 2 days.” Then the Thor character replies, “He’s adopted.”

Sooo..according to your scriptwriter, the fact he was adopted is the reason he is a bad guy!

Being adopted is NOT something to use for the butt of jokes! Marvel, immediately cease using adoption as the butt of jokes AND issue a public apology to the adoption community!” – Source

What she and some of the supporters of this petition have forgot to mention (probably because they haven’t seen the movie and have only read snippets about it) is that Thor initially defended his ADOPTED brother until he was told of his atrocities.  At this point he backtracks his initial statement of brotherly love by saying his bro is adopted and not his true blood brother.  At no point did I take it as Thor calling all adopted people super villains who do nothing but terrorize the human race.

Come on people!  When did we all become overly sensitive nitwits?  I think if these folks who are petitioning actually saw the movie and heard the line in the context of the scene they’d realize that it is harmless.  This is why America is a great country though, because people like this still have the right to voice their opinions even if they’re a little far fetched.

If you are adopted and have actually seen The Avengers, I’d love to know how Thor’s line made you feel.  Please share your thoughts using the comments section below.  Am I just being an insensitive d*ck, or is Berke and company taking things too far?  You’ve been wishing people weren’t so damn sensitive over non-issues…


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