Some Diablo 3 Fans Turn to Humor Rather Than Rage Over Error 37

If you picked up Diablo 3 yesterday then you more than likely got the “ERROR 37” message while trying to log into to play the game.  Blizzard has not had a very stellar launch in regards to Diablo 3, which has caused many fans to get their troll on throughout the various forums and message boards dedicated to gamers on the Net.  I for one am slightly disappointed, but that is mainly a result of the fact that D3 is my first ever computer game that I’ve actually pre-ordered to play on its launch day, so all of these network issues have left a bad taste in my mouth.  Let’s just say I’m glad I mainly game on consoles, which indeed have their fair share of launch day bugs too, but not as bad as the game breaking bugs like D3’s “ERROR 37”.

Surprisingly, not all PC gamers have had a stroke over this debacle.  In fact, some of them have decided to get creative with their disappointment by making some pretty hilarious picture spoofs of the infamous D3 error.  IGN originally posted these, but I had to grab a few of my favorites to share with my readers.  I was also inspired to search for a few on my own, and boy is there a ton of these out in the ether already!  You’ve been loving Internet Memes that pop up over night…

Humorous “ERROR 37” Picture Mashups

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