Sometimes When I Get Frustrated This is What My Brain Feels Like!

Freddie Wong’s ‘2010: A Symphony of Violence’ could very easily be called, ‘A Look Inside The Entertainment Buddha’s Mind When He’s Lost His Temper!’  Don’t take this the wrong way.  It’s not like I want to go around and start shooting people (Sort of), but it’s more of a visual interpretation of what my brain is doing when I lose my temper over something that normal people wouldn’t even flinch at.  You know, like when you can’t screw in a screw, or build a piece of furniture from Wal-Mart (I have smashed one while building one)!  I don’t know what it is, but sometimes these stupid mundane tasks just push me over the edge.

Is it wrong to want to rip the lid off of your laptop if it doesn’t load a Website fast enough?  How about going into a lunatic fit of flailing punches and spit over a Ralleyball match in Kinect Adventures?  These are just a few examples of the retarded stuff that can send me into a state of mind that is perfectly represented in ‘2010: A Symphony of Violence’!  Check it out below, and let us know if you have the patience level of an Amoeba too.  You’ve just learned that the E.B. has anger issues over stuff that the most impatient people in the World don’t even flinch at…


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