Sonic Mania keeps looking better and better, while Sonic Forces keeps looking… well, that’s another post for another time. In the latest gameplay that we’ve gotten for the game, we’ve gotten a look at the new Chemical Plant Zone, which is a creative twist on the classic Sonic 2 stage. The nasty pink chemical water is still around, but now there’s also weird bouncy gelatin and sticky purple platforms that carry you around. The background and colors and everything all looks very accurate to the original stage, and that new music kicks ass.

Sonic Mania keeps taking the best things from the old games that we love, and adding cool new twists onto them. The new stages are every bit as good as the old ones, Mirage Saloon Zone and Studiopolis Zone kick so much ass, and belong right up there with Flying Battery and Green Hill. Check out the video above and let us know if you’re pumped for Sonic Mania as well!

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