Sony Adds Cross Game Chat….For a Fee

After all of these years Sony is finally bringing cross game chat to the PSN.  There is a catch though, and it’s called subscribing to the Playstation Plus Program, which was announced this week.  Playstation Plus is basically what the Xbox Live Gold Service is with minor differences.  It’ll cost $50 a year and give paying subscribers access to exclusive content, and now cross game chat.

I’m not knocking Sony for implementing a pay service, but pay to chat across games?  I guess the good thing is that only one of the 4 members that can be in a cross game chat needs to be a Plus member, so if you’re a bum, just mooch off of your friends.  I guess this is great for heavy PSN users, but it seems so 2000 and late considering Xbox Live members have been having 8 people chats for the past couple of years.  Oh well, better late than never.  You’ve been allowed to chat, for a fee…

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