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Well here we go with the Sony E3 keynote presentation.  I’ll keep updating this post as it progresses, so go ahead and hit refresh every once in awhile to see new notes.  Currently, Sony’s big wig is doing the typical song and dance that the CEO’s usually do.  Just talking about how cool Sony is, nothing awesome yet.

Alright next big wig is out and is talking about the 3D direction that the PS3 is taking.  Blah, blah, blah.  Oh wait here comes some Killzone3 footage, which will be in 3D.

Killzone3 demo kicking off.  Crowd puts on their 3D glasses, I’m left staring at a regular looking gameplay video.  Regardless, the gameplay looks wonderful.  Very realistic motion and sound design.  Character models look very real.  Oh snap the dude just got into some crazy flying device.  It kind of looks like a jet pack with some robotic arms with guns on it.  Nice!

Second part of the Killzone3 demo.  Now the main dude is on some sort of flying  skiff blasting the sh*t out of stuff.  Still looking pretty good, but I wonder what it looks like in 3D.  The footage has ended and Guerrilla just announced that Killzone3 will be available February of 2011.  It will also support the Sony Move controller!

Alrigh back to Kaz talking about 3D and how PS3 is the only native 3D console in gaming.  Too bad you have to wear glasses, and go buy a $5,000 TV.  Damn now he’s announcing more upcoming 3D titles.  Tron, Gran Turismo, NBA Elite, Mortal Kombat, Ghost Recon, Crysis 2, and more will all be 3D compatible.  Maybe I need a 3D TV afterall!

Going into another 3D montage.  Ya it’s over!

More corporate talk going on right now.  Nothing cool.

Ok here comes the Playstation Move announcements.  My feed is skipping around, so I’m not sure if I missed anything yet, but for now it’s just some dude talking about the controller which looks like a d*ldo.  Here we go with video on people hyping the Move controller.

I’m sorry it just looks like a fancy Wii-mote to me.  How can they say this is more advanced than the Kinect?  Oh well, everyone is number 1 in their own eyes.

Damn feed keeps skipping around.  Bare with me.  Still just talking about the Move.  No demos yet.  Someone better get this bandwidth issue fixed!  Alright some game announcements coming up.  Seems that most games will include a Move version and regular controller version on the disc since Blu-ray has so much space on it.  Pretty cool!

Sorcery demo starting.  The presenter just started stretching like he was about to perform in the Olympics.  Not sure if demo is buggy or my feed is whacky, but seems slow.  Controller does seem more responsive than the Wii-mote, pretty impressive.  I like the ball on the end of the Move that changes color depending on what is going on in the game.  For instance he had to shake up a potion in game and his ball turned green when it was ready to drink.

Still seems like too much work to play a game, but I’m just a lazy pig.  The controls are very responsive and much more interactive than other Wii games I’ve seen.  You seem to get much more involved with the Move games as far as body motions go.  Sorcery demo is over.

EA sports demo starting up.  Looks like it’s going to be a Tiger Woods PGA Tour demo using the Move.  Yep here we go.  They are hyping the 1 to 1 movement.  Basically, whatever you do your character does on screen.  Dude just teed off.  Pretty cool looking.  He’s just straight up swinging the Move like a club.  Seems pretty realistic and responsive.  Oh he just saved PAR!  Cool shot shaping using the Move.  This feature will be downloadable for Tiger Woods 2011 when the Move gets released this Fall.

Next Move title – Heroes on the Move.  Game featuring all famous Sony characters.  Rachet, Clank, Jax, Sly, and other peeps.  Nothing real revealing just a small trailer.

Now they’re announcing a partnership with Coke for Move advertising.  Can anyone say, BORING!  Shameless plug.

Oh snap here comes the guy from the PS3 commercials, lol.  I love this Kevin guy!  Oooh, he started up by knocking the Kinect reveal from Microsoft.  Ha ha.  He’s just going through some routine about gamers.  Yeah Trophies!  He’s a good actor.  Nothing ground breaking just a little speech from Kevin Butler.

Move will be available in Europe first in September on the 15th, US on the 19th.  The Move controller will only be $49.99 if you already have the Eye camera.  If not you can get a bundle with game, controller, and eye for $99.99.  Not too bad.  There will also be a PS3 system bundle for $399.99.  Fair pricing.

Showing another montage of Move titles.  Yeah!

Back to the boring guys.  Moving on to talking about PSP.  Looks like they’re starting a PSP campaign.  Good commercial featuring a black kid and the Kevin guy. is the motif.

Going into PSP God of War game – Ghost of Sparta.  Showed a cinematic trailer.  Looked good.

Oh this is cool.  I guess Sony has re-created the E3 booths in the PS3 HOME for people to walk around in and see what people at E3 can see.  That’s pretty cool.  I may have to use HOME for the first time since the beta came out a few years ago.

Little Big Planet 2 demo?  Currently just going over the new features in the sequel.  I guess you can now desing any type of game using LBP2.  Shooters, RPG, racing, etc..  Going over some of the games that have been created using the in-game tools.  Look like party type games.

Going over more game types you can create.  It really is amazing what you can make using the LBP2 tools.  I may be too lazy to care about it, but if you want to get into game design this looks like a great place to start.

Just announced Playstation Plus.  I’m guessing this is a pay service for Sony’s PSN.  See nothing is free forever!  Although, this sounds like it’s just an enhancement not a must to play on-line.  Seems like you’ll get some content to play.  Costs around $3 bones a month, not bad.

Moving on to some EA announcements.  Showing multiplayer footage from new Medal of Honor game.  Pretty much looks like a Modern Warfare 2 rip-off, which isn’t a bad thing.

Going into a Dead Space 2 demo.  I want this game!  Sweet boss fight going on this game looks awesome.  It’s going to scare the poop out of me!  Crazy ass Zero G stuff going on!  Exclusive pack coming to PS3 that will have Dead Space Extraction bundled in with Move support.

Oh no looks like some sort of Portal 2 reveal!  Gabe Newell from Valve on stage.  Cracking jokes on himself for making fun of the PS3 in the past.  Portal 2 coming to PS3.  Here comes some footage.

Machines are waking up, creepy Glados voice in the background, not much outside of that.

Moving on to Final Fantasy XIV trailer.  Looks really sharp if you’re into MMO’s.

Mafia 2 will come with exclusive DLC for PS3.

Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood will have exclusive content on PS3, and will only have multiplayer beta on PS3.  Wait Assasin’s Creed has multi?  Showing a demo of it right now.  Not real sure what the hell is going on, but seems neat.

Another video montage of upcoming PS3 titles.  Socom 4, Killzone 3, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, etc..  No huge reveals.

Gran Turismo 5 trailer!  Hasn’t this game taken like 8 years to make or something?  Looks wonderful.  The graphics are insane!  The game launches November 2 in the US and will be 3D.

Oh yeah, here we go.  Infamous 2 trailer!  Oh snap Cole’s got Ice powers now too?  Love it!

I think we are getting a Twisted Metal reveal.  Oh yeah baby it is.  Damn they just drove the Ice Cream van onto the stage!  Twisted Metal on the PS3 is a GO!  I used to love this game back on PS1.  Looks awesome and there’s helicopters!  Man this brings back memories.  I’ll be picking this up.  They’re demoing Nuke mode, seems pretty cool and intense.  I’m guessing it’s a spin on CTF.  Game looks great, awesome!

Well that’s it for the Sony press conference.  Not too shabby, but nothing jaw-droppingly great.  Hope you enjoyed my sporadic coverage.  You’ve been Moved…

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