Ps4 design

Ps4 design

After Microsoft rolled out a robust catalog of games this afternoon, the clear cut victory many predicted for Sony appeared to be in doubt. When we reached the finish line, however, it’s safe to say Sony has taken control of the next gen console race.

Without getting too long-winded with details, here are some of the need to know facts that haven’t been discussed at previous events:

  • $399 for the PS4. This is HUGE after Microsoft came in with a $499 price point for the Xbox One
  • Online multiplayer will now require a PS Plus membership. A change from their previously free multiplayer, but is an indication that Sony wants to take online multiplayer more seriously this time around.
  • Most importantly, Sony stood firmly behind used games and borrowing games from friends, as well as no commitment to being connected online to play single player titles. This was summed up brilliantly with a brief video Sony released post-conference.

Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video

On top of their pot shots at Microsoft, Sony had a lot of trailers on display. Scroll down to see what you might have missed.

Official Destiny E3 Gameplay Trailer

NBA 2K14 – Next Gen Reveal

Exclusive video I inFAMOUS™ Second Son on PS4

The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Reveal Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

Mad Max Reveal Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

[E3 2012] Watch Dogs – E3 Gameplay Demo

Gran Turismo 6 E3 Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

Batman Arkham Origins – E3 2013 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

The Order 1886 – E3 2013: Gameplay Debut

Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 2013 Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

The Dark Sorcerer Reveal Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

Final Fantasy XV E3 2013 Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Teaser Trailer – E3 2013 – E3M13

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